Assessments, Plans & Strategies Serving Mission and Fiscal Health

Founder, Stephanie Spindell

Founder, Stephanie Spindell

SPINDELL CONSULTING helps nonprofits streamline the planning process by identifying their most critical financial and mission-based opportunities and challenges and recommending appropriate actions.

By asking the right questions, carefully listening, and applying fundamental business principles, we help clients solve complex problems. We look at organizations holistically, employ analytical frameworks to fully understand challenges and collaboratively develop realistic plans to meet objectives and improve fiscal health. 

We devote the time that nonprofits don’t have to collect, research and evaluate critical organizational information and facilitate optimal strategy development, tactics and tools to more effectively drive operating performance and impact.

Stephanie Spindell’s extensive experience in finance, organizational development and analysis combined with a lifelong passion for dance and education were integral to establishing Spindell Consulting.  More about Stephanie >>


  • What are our strategic priorities and how do we address challenges and opportunities? 
  • How do we build a "fiscally fit" board? 
  • What practices can we employ to improve fiscal performance?
  • How do we measure, plan and monitor our “success”?
  • What practices or strategies will help to increase our impact and effectiveness?
  • What crucial data should our board be evaluating on a regular basis?
  • What creative options are available to increase revenues and improve effectiveness?
  • Which organization(s) would suit us for partnering?


  • Strategic and Business Opportunities Building Impact and Fiscal Health
  • Budget and Cash Flow Practices
  • Practices to Strengthen the Balance Sheet 
  • Building Dashboards
  • Best Practices in Scenario Planning
  • Board/Staff Training – Fiduciary Oversight
  • Revenue Diversification Strategies
  • Peer/Partner Comparisons

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